The truth about soap to clean the car

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Many will ensure that the soap does not matter, in the end the dedication with which the activity is carried out is what will pay off. However, the reality is a bit more complicated.

 To begin with, almost everything outside of our car contains - or es- metal. Even the paint.

 Over time this material oxidizes. When this happens and the aesthetic and functional damages in your vehicle are not taken care of, they can be irreparable. If we think about it from there, constant contact with moisture can become a factor that accelerates the wear of the paint and the natural oxidation of your car.

For this reason, when cleaning, you should follow the following tips when cleaning the car.

 Remove dust before

Use water, preferably under pressure - consider that it is not that you commit ecocide - to remove dust particles that could scratch the paint as much as possible.

 Use a sponge

This kind of soft material will help avoid scratches in your car's paint. A soft material will help you prevent instead of removing grease and dust - literally - sanding on your car's paint.

The right soap

The best car wash soap is one with abundant lubrication, which is also neutral. This is because the movement with which you clean it must be smooth and literally resembles a massage rather than carving on an object, however dirty it may be.

 In addition, you must ensure that the movements are linearly up and down.

 The recommended thing in this case is that you avoid soaps such as detergents, which are corrosive and wear down the shiny finish of your car faster. It is recommended that you invest in a special soap that you can find in the supermarket.

 Otherwise check some type of neutral soap that produces plenty of foam.

 Finally, to dry use a dry cotton cloth. Remove excess water with linear movements. To protect the metal surface with greater care, it is recommended that you wax constantly. This service ensures the protection of the car against damage caused by grease and dust that can adhere over time.


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